Bus hire is often seen as being unmanageable and complicated, at Shazbus we wish to change that: with just a few clicks, you will be able to reserve the bus that fits your specific needs. We place high demands on your behalf, which is why we strive to be the most respected bus company on the market which provides our customers with flexible reservations, highly experienced staff and professional customer service to secure your safety and give you an extraordinary experience while using our service. Whether you are looking for transportation for a company conference, a school trip, a wedding, a travel with friends and family, a party, or something completely different, we will have you covered even if you will have 10 passengers – or 500! We can ensure that your needs will be in the best hands, guaranteeing agility in services, buses in good quality which will always be on time, and great prices which always includes driver and any charges. If you encounter any questions, feel free to take advantage of our 24h service desk. We look forward to meeting your demands!


All our vehicles come equipped with all amenities and feature comfort elements including climate control system, Internet connection, TV screens and comfortable reclining seats. Our drivers receive training in safe and efficient driving to guarantee maximum safety and comfort for our clients.


Safety is one of the pillars of Shazbus`s philosophy. We have established an advanced maintenance plan for all vehicles to guarantee maximum safety for both our users and drivers. Our in-house mechanics service our coaches periodically to anticipate and preempt any possible problems whilst in service. In addition, all our vehicles are equipped with safety elements surpassing established regulations.  We have the latest generation coaches, the most prestigious manufacturers, to guarantee maximum reliability. Security is not only a requirement for a company that provides mobility services, but a further sign of attention to users’ needs. Maintenance and cleaning, thanks to the constant monitoring of the internal workshops and the work in the company’s washing systems, contribute to ensuring the comfort of travel, together with other factors such as air conditioning systems, adequacy of seats and supports, correct lighting.