Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions you can always contact us directly by Phone, Whats app or e-mail. We mostly reply withing 24 hours and one of our travel agents will make sure you have all information you need to make your booking, change your booking or if you have questions during your rental experience.

About Bookabus

How does Shazbus work?

We have a very simple concept, we have a big offer of vehicles witch you can choose from. On our home page you can select your preferred date and time plus pick up and drop off location. After you follow all the booking steps we will review the booking and contact you with the best possible offer and close the booking fitting your needs.

We offer personal advice so if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I book the bus?

Just follow the steps on the home page booking form and we will contact you with all the needed info withing 24 hours.

Is requesting a quote free and non-committal?

Yes, requesting a quote is completely free and the quotes are non-committal.

What is included in the quote price?

You will receive an invoice with all the costs including Gass, Taxes, Chauffeur. Only cots like toll roads are not included witch you can pay afterwords if needed. When you finish you booking in our booking form you will receive a estimated price, this price is not exact but will be close to the final prize.

Your itinerary

Is it possible to arrange catering on board?

Yes but this will include extra cots and is not possible with all vehicles.

How can I know the coach company meets quality and safety requirements?

At Shazbus we value safety and quality and therefore only work with top of the line vehicles are well insured and get tested regularly.

Booking and payment

How can I book a bus or coach?

You can book a coach through Bookabus. Step 1 is to finalise the quotes request. When you made a choice between the different quotes you can easily make a non-committal reservation. Your Bookabus travel agent will assist you in this process.

Can I also cancel my reservation?

Yes you can also cancel. The cancellation period differs per Coach Company and cancellation periods will be communicated with the quotes. Please make sure you contact your Bookabus travel agent in time if you want to cancel.

How can a booking be paid?

The booking can be finalized via Bookabus. You can pay with bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. You will get an invoice that includes VAT.